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   During exhibition period, we will organize 5-8 designers' conferences and forums, we invite international famous design masters to discuss trend of home décor and furnishing industry.

Subject 1: home accessory collection art

刘传凯Guest speaker: Carl Liu (designer mission members)
Carl is the founder of brand Carl Liu. He is a well-known Chinese ;industrial designer and currently works as a partner/design ;director of Idea Dao Design Shanghai. He earned his design ;degree from the world-famous design school Art Center College of Design in US and Switzerland. Later he worked at the award-wining design studio Astro and Motorola advance concept ;design group total for years before he moved to China. He also taught a drawing class at CCA during his stay in the US. Carl's signature designs included Compaq iPaq PDA, Nike running watch Triax 300 and Triax 50.
   These products had been sold millions and won international awards like G-Mark, IDSA and I.D Magazine. His designs have demonstrated that good design matters to successful business.

Subject 2: Pure enjoyable luxury design for life

Enrico TarantaGuest speaker: Enrico Taranta
The internationally-oriented team is led by Enrico Taranta. Before opening his own office in 2007 in Shanghai, he worked at Massilimiliano Fuksas and SMC Alsop. At a wide range of universities around China Enrico Taranta has been invited to give a lecture and he was a permanent lecturer at the interior design faculty of Donghua University RDI Shanghai.. Enrico Taranta himself received his master diploma at the faculty of architecture in Rome.

Subject 3: Design and brand DNA

黄晓靖Guest speaker: Xiaojing Huang
Xiaojing Studied in Guangzhou and Berlin from experience design expert. She has been leading the strategic team in projects of product design strategy, user study, service design, brand identity and trend study. Her clients in strategic projects are leading brands including KIA, Hitachi, Boeing, Schneider Electric, Haier and Joyoung. Winner of Red Dot Design Award and Design For Asia Silver Award. Writer of Design Trend Report, Small Product, Big Idea, and How to Build Brand DNA in Product Design, and design column writer for IHome magazine and md. Invited speaker and judge of many design forums.

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